Tour de Kilimanjaro

Explore Africa from the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro by MTB or gravelbike

You can be one of the first to explore Africa from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro by mountainbike or gravelbike. Book now and profit from a 10% introductory discount!

Explore Africa from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro by mountainbike or gravelbike

Full package service including airport shuttle services, full board for 7-9 days, transport of luggage, broom wagon

Stay in Masaai and Chaga local environment

Book now and profit from a 10% introductory discount.

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Kilimanjaro classic

There are some iconic places in Africa: The pyramids in Egypt, Nubian desert, Table Mountain, Timbouctou and Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Kilimanjaro, with a height of 5895 m, is the highest single free standing mountain in the world. A 450-500 km tour around the mountain with an African guide will allow you to feel the magic of the mountain and enjoy its awe inspiring views and experience its stunning natural beauty, spot and encounter wild life and spend nights in authentic remote villages.

6 days

Kilimanjaro Classic

The Kilimanjaro Classic is a six to eight day MTB / gravelbike tour around Mount Kilimanjaro starting in Arusha.

  • 450 - 500 km
  • 5300 - 5800 m
  • ↗21%, /↘-23%
  • Views from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Kikuleta hotsprings
  • Stay in local environment
  • Story telling
3 days


A unique way to see wildlife in Africa without crowds of tourists!

  • 190 km
  • 750 m
  • 9%
  • Amazing wildlife
  • Visit Masaai boma
6 tours

Single & multiple day tours

Do you want to do some exercise after a few days in a safari car or do you want to challenge yourself more? No problem! We offer several (half)day tours and multiple day tours.


Tour de Kilimanjaro

Mountainbike / gravelbike tours in Africa

Tour de Kilimanjaro was founded in 2019. Its aim is to provide an decent income to its collaborators: guides, drivers and the families who host the participants of the tours. Any surplus of income will be used to support basic and further education.

The means to this end are the organisation of various mountain bike / gravel bike tours in one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. The tour will take you through a varied landscape around Mount Kilimanjaro: through villages, fields, savannah, forest and rainforest, mountain slopes, spectacular descents with beautiful views. And of course the wonderful wildlife. Think zebra, giraffe, elephant, wildebeest, impala, gazelle and many birds.

During your stay with the Massai – a nomadic people – and the Chaga tribe (coffee and banana farmers), you will be able to experience local life.

At this moment we offer the Kilimanjaro Classic and two day tours. More day tours and multiple day tours are however about to come! Most tours start from the homebase in Arusha, Themi View.
The Kilimanjaro Classic is a six to eight day mountainbike / gravelbike tour around Mount Kilimanjaro. the highest single standing mountain of Africa with an altitude of 5.895m.
This tour includes a bikesafari that starts from Kibo’s Eco Place. A magnificent and quiet place in the middle of nowhere (only Masaai boma’s at 500 meter) with a tree plantation and nursery.
Because of the climate change, guests of Tour de Kilimanjaro and Themi View are offered the possibility to compensate for their CO2 emission of the flight to Tanzania / Africa. This can be done through a contribution to the tree planting / reforestation efforts.

According to one of the first guests that did the Kilimanjaro Classic:

An incredibly cool, challenging and beautiful trip. No lack of adventure!

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