tour 1

Nduruma - 1/2 day

If you are in short time or you just want to do some exercise after a few days in a safaricar, this is the perfect halfday trip! This trip allows you to experience local life within a short distance. You will bike through the savannah plains and encounter some (steep) hills and technical parts.
  • 32 km
  • 365 m
  • 9%
  • Beautiful nature, Masaai boma's, Mount Meru
tour 2

Mateves Crater - 1 day

When you are in Arusha, do not miss the beautiful Mateves Crater. This volcanic crater has a maximum diameter of 1.22 km, is more dan 1 km deep and is surrounded by forest. The crater floor is a seasonal swamp. During this daytrip you bike 50 km and you cover an elevation of 487 m. Of course you will bike in a beautiful landscape, with views over the nearby hills. You will pass some little rivers, Masaai boma's and villages.
  • 50 km
  • 487 m
  • 8%
  • Mateves Crater, Masaai boma's
tour 3

Arusha Town - 1 day

Guided Arusha City Tour: Morombo, Cultural Heritage, coffee near Shoppers, Kilombero / Arusha market, Independance monument, lunch at Africafe or FiFi’s, Arusha Cloctower, visit to Themi Living Gardens and Masaai Market
  • 33 km
  • 288 m
  • 3,6%
tour 4

Kiboko Rahisi - 2 days

Counter clockwise around Mount Kilimanjaro. You start from Boma Ng'ombe, you bike to Snow Cap Cottages and come back in Boma Bg'ombe. It is a two day tour in which you bike 140 km each day.
  • 280 km
  • 4000 m
  • 21 %
tour 5

Kiboko Ngumu - 2 days

More or less the same route as Kiboko Rahisi, but more challenging!
  • 280 km
  • 4000 m
  • 23%
tour 6

Kiboko Nyota - 2 days

You bike clockwise arount Mount Kilimanjaro in 2 days. The tour starts and ends in Boma Ng'ombe. You will spend the night in Snow Cap Cottages. You bike 150 km each day, with more tracks offroad than Kiboko Ngumu. This is the ultimate challenge!
  • 300 km
  • 4000 m
  • 25%

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