Tour plan:
  • 190 km
  • 750 m
  • 9%
  • Amazing wildlife
  • Visit Masaai boma

A unique way to see wildlife in Africa without crowds of tourists!

Bikesafari through the amazing wildlife of Tanzania, Africa during this three day mountainbike / gravelbike tour.

This bikesafari through the wildlife of Tanzania, Africa starts from Arusha.

Day 1

The first day you will bike from Themi View to Kibo’s Eco Place.
Kibo’s Eco Place is located west of Mount Kilimanjaro, in the middle of nowhere. The area is considered an important wildlife corridor. This corridor is especially used by elephants coming down from Amboseli National Park. Kibo’s Eco Place is a modest 2 floor building that can accommodate 8 persons. A windmill and solar panel provide the electricity. The host is Kibo, a 25 year old (2022) nephew of the family.

Day 2

The second day is going to be amazing. You start the day with a visit to the Masaai boma. Here you can see how they live and how they are milking their cows and goats in the early morning. Hopefully this visit is accompanied by a beautiful sunrise and a stunning view on Mount Kilimanjaro.

After a good breakfast you will start with the bikesafari. After approximately 5 kilometers it is possible to see the first wildlife! And from that point it is probably only going to be more. On a good day, you will encounter beautiful wildlife, such as zebra’s, giraffes, wildebeests, impala’s, gazelles and elephants! Of course this is not guaranteed, but based on the experiences there is a good chance! After 36 kilometers you will be back at Kibo. He will prepare a local meal and serve a (unfortunately not cooled) beer or soda.

Day 3

The third day you head back to Arusha. Of course you will take another route than the first day. Special message for the real pizza lovers! There is a possibility to make a detour and stop at Blue Heron Restaurant for a delicous pizza (well deserved after some tough mountainbiking).

In Themi View a hot shower will wait for you!

day 1
day 2
day 3

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