Kilimanjaro Classic

The Kilimanjaro Classic is a six to eight day MTB / gravelbike tour around Mount Kilimanjaro starting in Arusha.

  • 450 - 500 km
  • 5300 - 5800 m
  • ↗21%, /↘-23%
  • Views from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Kikuleta hotsprings
  • Stay in local environment
  • Story telling

The Kilimanjaro Classic is a six to eight day accompanied tour starting in Arusha, clockwise around the mountain, passing through Kikuleta hotsprings in the plains south of the mountain, the Masai savannah of West Kilimanjaro, climbing the northern slopes up to 2100 m, visiting the Chaga tribe in the east and the south slopes of the mountain, and back to Arusha. Total distance 450 km - 500 km, total elevation 5300 m - 5800 m.

6-8 Day Tour

The Kilimanjaro Classic is a 6-8 day mountainbike / gravelbike tour starting in Arusha, running clockwise around the mountain and back to Arusha. Everyday you can choose the heaviness that suits you best, as you can choose between routes of grade 1, 2 and 3. The total distance of the tour is in between 450 km and 500 km, elevation in between 5300 m and 5800 m (depending on the grades you choose). The Kilimanjaro Classic is accompanied by one guide on mountainbike / gravelbike and a car to transport your luggage and as broom wagon in case the stage is too far/heavy for you. Before and after the tour there is one day to prepare your bike and your return journey.

Stay in local environment

Day 2 and day 4 offer a stay in a local African setting. Day 2 in a Masaai area in the plains of West Kilimanjaro and day 4 in a local Chaga area on the south slopes of the mountain.

Story telling

Most of the accommodations during the tour are in remote areas with little or no modern means of entertainment. Many of the evenings will be spent together, enjoying the peace and quietness of the surroundings. An ideal setting to exchange stories while enjoying the company and a drink. These can be stories that the guide tells about the local culture, but these can also be your own stories.


  • The price depends on group size (2-8 persons) and the duration of the tour (6-8 days). There are fixed expenses  for the guide on bicycle and a car to transport luggage and as the broom wagon. The more people in a group that share these costs (max. 8) the lower the price per person. We recommend a group size of 5-8 people, but any size is possible. Price will also vary according to the accommodation wished for, ranging from simple to luxury. Price indication: 2 people 8 days € 1.350 per person to 8 people 6 days € 735 per person.
  • Prices include: airport shuttle service, boarding and lodging during the tour (6 to 8 days) and 2 additional days in Themi View (2 nights before day 1), company by one guide on bicycle and one car and driver during the tour. Routes in GPS and in print, SIM cards for telephone communication.
  • Not included: drinks, insurance, hire of bicycles.
  • Spare parts (tyres, tubes, spokes a.s.o.) will be provided at cost price.
day 1

Arusha - Boma Ng'ombe

Day one starts in the hills near Arusha, you descend to the savannah plain south of Kilimanjaro airport in the Tanzanite mining area and the tour takes you to the beautiful oasis of Kikuleta hotsprings. You see the difference between the fertile, rainy hillsides and the dry lowland area, the characteristic Baobab trees and the mud wall houses. After relaxing and maybe swimming for a while in the oasis you enter upon the last 17km of your first stage, a ride to Boma Ng'ombe, a quite busy town on the main road from Arusha to Moshi. Total distance 89 km ascent 455 m, descent 729 m.
  • 90 km
  • + 455 m / - 729m
  • ↗ +4,5% /↘-9,3%
  • Kikuleta hotsprings
day 2

Boma Ng'ombe - Miti Mirefu

Day 2 consists of two parts. A quite easy first part of only 44 km, but still a 500 m ascent to the savannah house. You may follow a good tarmac road to Sanya town, or take the more challenging route off road. The tarmac road is not very busy, but vigilance is called for as traffic in Tanzania is not yet accustomed to bikers. The road to Sanya offers lovely views of the lush foothill of the mountain. In Sanya a short break is taken to prepare for the last ascent towards a barren plain before you descend slightly on a gravel road to the savannah house in Miti Mirefu, in a Masai area. As the house is situated at the edge of a vast wildlife area you, after a short break, take on the second part of the trip: a 25-30 km bicycle safari into the backwoods hoping to spot some wildlife like zebras, giraffes, impalas, maybe elephants. You may decide to stay for another day to experience life far from any luxury, with the Masai as your neighbours, sensing the temperature, silence or noise, colours and smells of the savannah. Or pay a visit to a Masai Boma, and listen to the sound of cattle returning.
  • 45+25 km
  • + 504 m/ - 137m.
  • ↗ +4,7% / ↘-1,4%
  • Sanya
day 3

Miti Mirefu - Snow Cap Cottages

This is the most challenging stage of the tour: 85 km, 1600 m ascent. 40 of the 85 km consists of a gravel/clay road. Most of the time you are at an altitude of 1500 to 1600 m. When lucky you will see some game in the fields near the road or Baboons or Colobus monkeys in the rain forest half way the stage, enjoy the singing of the birds or the deep silence of the forest. Magnificent view across the plains of Amboseli Game park at the foot of the mountain in Kenya. Once you leave the dirt road and reach the tarmac road the final 30 km begin. You often encounter some drizzling rain when getting higher as temperature falls. The road leads you through a pine tree forest. You might be lucky to a have a stunning glimpse of Kibo, the snow cap of Mt.Kilimanjaro. After a final very steep kilometre of dirt road you reach Snow Cap Cottages, where the fire is burning in the fireplace to warm you.
  • 85 km
  • + 1679m / - 998m.
  • ↗ +16,8% / ↘-8,2%
  • Snow cap of Kibo Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro
day 4

Snow Cap Cottages - Kilema

Day 4, 70 km in total, all tarmac road, except for the last 2,5km track. The first 10 km show a rather steep descent, then the road undulates through a quite densely populated area with a lot of economic activity of the Chaga tribe. You pass many small villages, unlike the day before. The Chaga are coffee farmers and tradesmen, bananas are their essential staple crops. You are invited to stay in a local homestead (max 5 people) to experience local life. Instead, you may opt for one of the luxury hotels in the vicinity of Marangu. Here as well you may decide to stay another day to learn about the coffee and banana culture - more than 10 different species of bananas - or visit nearby water falls, the Chaga caves where people used to hide during fights/wars against the Masai. You may even taste the banana beer.
  • 70 km
  • + 857m / - 1289m
  • ↗ +20,6% / ↘-14,2%
day 5

Kilema - Liwati, West Kili

Day 5, 66 km via Moshi to Liwati, West Kili. After a short descent back to the main road you start a challenging 10 km climb to the borders of the natural park and the rainforest. A track leads you through the forest. An even more challenging descent on a steep rough road brings you to Moshi town where you can enjoy a delicious coffee at the Kilimanjaro Coffee Union Café. The road continues north of the main road from Moshi – Arusha to Kwasadala where you head north to Liwati.
  • 66 km
  • + 1007m / - 1357m
  • ↗ +12,3% /↘-23,3%
  • Moshi town
day 6

Liwati West Kili - Arusha

Day 6, 67 km from West Kili to Arusha. The road goes through the highlands of West Kilimanjaro to Kingori, passing several lakes and small rivers. From Kingori onwards you follow the border of the natural forest of Mt Arusha, climbing steadily till 1370 m. After a descent on a rough road you reach the tarmac main road to Arusha. You enjoy lunch in a local restaurant before you head for Arusha, the last 35 km back to Themi View where you are welcomed with a special dinner.
  • 67 km
  • + 793m / - 704m.
  • ↗ +21% / ↘-10%

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