Find below in which beautiful and peaceful accommodations you sleep during the Kilimanjaro Classic and how they look like. During the Kilimanjaro Classic you will experience local life and you will also find more luxurious accommodations.

Themi View

Kilimanjaro Classic

The start and the end of the 6-8 days tour are in Themi View, Arusha, the home base of Tour de Kilimanjaro. Themi View is a residential house with 4 self-contained twin rooms situated at the gorge of Themi river. The quiet and relaxing atmosphere of the place allows you to acclimatize and prepare yourself for the first trip the next day.

Day 1 Boma Ng’ombe

Kilimanjaro Classic

After the first day you spend the night in Boma Ng’ombe which offers several modest facilities:

  • Le Parlour
  • Rainbow Executive Lodge
  • Snow View Hotel
  • Happy Family Lodge
  • Rainbow House
  • Comfort Kilimani Inn

Day 2 Kibo’s Eco Place

Kilimanjaro Classic

You stay in a modest local house in the savannah plain between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Arusha, at the foot of Mt. Kili, surrounded by Masaai boma’s. There are 4 twin rooms, shared cold shower and toilet. No wifi, a wavering telephone network. Here you can compensate for the CO2 emission of your intercontinental flight by contributing to reforestation efforts. A nursery of local trees aims at reforesting the 7 hectares surrounding the house, to begin with as an initial project. (Download folder)
Kibo’s Eco Place is the homebase of the bikesafari.

Day 3 Snow Cap Cottages

Kilimanjaro Classic

Snow Cap Cottages on the northern slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, altitude 1900 m. Twin bed apartments, hot shower, bar, fire place, relaxing garden.

Day 4 Kilema

Kilimanjaro Classic

  • Sleeping in a local Chaga house on a banana tree plantation, discovering local Chaga culture and tasting local food. One twin bed room, 4 single bed rooms. Shared cold shower, french toilet. Solar powered electricity.
  • Or you can opt for one of the luxury hotels near Marangu
    • Kilimanjaro resort
  • Or one of the more modest lodges
    • August Ali Homestay
    • Devotion Marangu Kyala
    • Acacia Tree Apartment
    • Babylon Lodge

Day 5 Liwati, West Kili

Kilimanjaro Classic

  • The modest West Kili Camp (single and twin bed apartments, cold shower, bar)
  • Or the very luxury House of West Kili (twin bed apartments, hot shower, wifi, bar)

After many hours on his bike through the less visited areas of Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro, the Dutch mountainbiker Harrie came up with the idea to organize mountainbike / gravelbike tours in the country he lost his heart. With his wife and her Tanzanian family, he founded Tour de Kilimanjaro in 2019.
By organising the various mountainbike / gravelbike tours in one of the most beautiful countries of Africa, the family wants to show you wonderful wildlife (think of enormous amounts of zebra’s, giraffes, elephants, wildebeests, impala’s, gazelles and many birds), the diversity of nature around Arusha / Mount Kilimanjaro, and would like you to experience local life.
The purpose of the family is to facilitate adventurous and amazing mountainbike / gravelbike tours, to provide an income for family members and use the surplus income to support family members for (further) education.
At this moment the family offers the Kilimanjaro Classic and two day tours, however more day tours and multiple day tours are about to come! All tours start from their homebase in Arusha, Themi View.
The Kilimanjaro Classic is a six to eight day mountainbike / gravelbike tour around Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain (altitude of 5895 meter) of Africa. This tour includes a bikesafari, which starts from Kibo’s Eco Place. A magnificent and quiet place in the middle of nowhere (only Masaai boma’s at 500 meter) with a tree plantation and nursery.
Guests of Tour de Kilimanjaro and Themi View are offered the possibility to compensate for their CO2 exhaust of the flight to Tanzania / Africa through a contribution to the tree planting / reforestation efforts.

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